Wandshara (FR)

When the Fight Feels Futile

The horses are tightly wrapped in suffocating layers and layers of the humans’ tradition, pleasure-seeking, business, and greed. Lip service about making racing safer for them is redundant and futile; we’ve been hearing that since the first recorded race in history.

Horses love to run, yes, but horseracing is an extreme sport that pushes their physical and mental limits. In the strain of maximum effort, do they know death may be just a “bad step” away? Anyone with a heart who has seen a breakdown on the track will never forget it.

We have reached the last resort. We’re not too proud nor shy to call upon the Divine for intervention, to break this negative cycle of track fatalities and human callousness, these patterns of rationalization and denial about the suffering of countless innocent animals. Yet it’s insanity to believe the same repeated acts will bring different results. We need an awakening.

Join us in lifting these dilemmas to the Divine by any name you call as God and in any language you speak. Putting ourselves and the horses at the feet of the Divine, we know we are heard. We trust sincerity receives a response, and it could make a difference, in ways seen and unseen, for the horses. ~Editor

. . .

“Lalitamba” (Divine Mother, or Sri Mata) is a mantra of reverence for the Divine. Understanding the words is not as important as the spirit of this song to humble ourselves and beseech God’s compassion.

And by another divine name: