Wandshara (FR)

The Overwhelming Truth

If I had used those UK memorials as sources all along (rather than researching independently, as I do), Racehorse Memorial Wall Worldwide likely would have doubled in size. Knowing a huge population of horses are unrepresented, despite the Memorial’s global scope, is overwhelming and disheartening to me as the editor.

I have always envisioned this Memorial (based in Southern California) and those in other regions or countries uniting in a “world memorial” so that all could see the big picture, perhaps from a cosmic point of view. But since we work separately in silos, public information is fragmented, with much of it invisible to those who don’t dig deep. Working independently on the Memorial enables better quality control to maintain the integrity of its content. But quantity suffers, and many horses go unnoticed because no single memorial can hold all of them.

That is why I say this Memorial is a symbol representing horses listed and unlisted. This is the spirit in which I continue to compile their history. If nothing else, you who are reading this right now can know the Memorial is huge yet only scratches the surface of the true death toll since horseracing began. Hopefully, you will get a glimpse of the overwhelming truth.

The Editor