Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

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“A New Way Fallen Racehorses Are
Hidden from the Public”


Losses at Cheltenham 2016: 7

No More Heroes (IRE)
3/18/2016 — Seven valiant horses perished during the 2016 Cheltenham Festival. The annual race meeting is a grand event for the players, spectators, and the horses’ connections. But how did things look out on the course as the races unfolded? More>>


How Tough Does a Horse Have to Be?

The Govaness (GB) Wins at Cheltenham, 2015
Photo credit: Sporting Life
Three horses died today on day one of the 2016 Cheltenham Festival. The horses may love to run, but do they know the danger they face or that this may be their last race? No. Only the humans know that. Here are the three racehorses and what happened in their respective races: More>>


The Story of Sunloch

Sunloch (GB)
Steeplechaser Sunloch (GB) joins the Memorial and oldest horses pages today. He reminds us that every racehorse has a story to be told. In this case, the horse is celebrated. Sunloch will receive the coveted “green plaque.”


For the Racehorses’ Safe Return

Berlin Karlshorst Race Course, 1931
Photo credit: ullstein bild
3/12/2016 — We send our love and best wishes to all the horses working or competing today. Regardless of rank, every racehorse is engaged in an extreme sport with inherent dangers. So, for every horse who puts his or her foot on the track, we wish you well.


The Overwhelming Truth

(artist unknown)
3/5/2016 — This morning I reviewed a couple other racehorse memorials (founded years after this one was) that focus on UK horses and was overwhelmed. More>>


Fatally Injured Racehorses Ad Infinitum

Admire Rakti (JPN)
3/3/2016 — For over 10 years the Memorial has tracked fallen racehorses amid the industry's attempts to make racing safer. Surely, no one would like to minimize injuries more than the very industry whose survival depends upon its athletes. More>>


French Racehorses Underrepresented

Sanctuaire (FR)
Unintentionally, the Memorial does not properly represent French and some other non-U.S. racehorses, because information can be harder to find.