Wandshara (FR) (2004-2007), 3yo bay filly

LATEST BLOG POST, 1/17/2022:
Admirable Duque (IRE) and St Ignatius (GB) were added to
“Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial”


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Thousands of Thoroughbreds are named on this Memorial, while countless others 
slip through unnoticed and forgotten. Yet all deserve to be remembered
as sentient beings who gave their lives in an extreme sport.

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World Racehorse Memorial
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Years 1800–2013
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Oldest Horses on the Memorial
Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial
What’s in a Name?
A Philosophical Look at the Horse Realm


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Oldest Horses on the Memorial

Fate’s Secret (1992-2016), 24yo bay horse or gelding 
UPDATED 5/21/2021 — Often starting at age 2, certain horses endure ultra-long careers with no chance for retirement before suffering a fatal injury. Eventer Fate’s Secret is the Memorial’s oldest horse at age 24. See the horses >>


Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial

Kingarvie (CAN) (1943-1955), 12yo chestnut horse 
UPDATED 1/17/2022 — Despite the dangers of racing, certain horses achieve 80 or more starts before suffering a fatal injury. On the Memorial, Queen’s Plate winner Kingarvie still reigns as king of starts at 169 races. See the horses >>


What’s in a Name?

Tin Cup Chalice (2005-2009), 4yo bay gelding
The clever and endearing names given to racehorses seem to reflect a love and hope their keepers hold for these noble creatures. More >>


A Philosophical Look at the Horse Realm

Black Gold (1921-1928), 7yo black horse
After many years of memorializing fallen racehorses, one may wax philosophical about the global tradition of using horses for industrialized sport. More >>