Wandshara (FR), 4/20/2004-6/24/2007

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“Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial”
“Oldest Horses on the Memorial”

Purpose and Criteria for the Memorial

Hailed as courageous warriors by the industry they serve, the fallen racehorses certainly deserve to be remembered (not swept under the rug) for their valiant effort on the track and for their diverse contributions to humankind.

All horses are registered Thoroughbreds fatally injured at tracks around the world throughout historyin training, racing, a prerace or postrace incident on race day, or due to a medical or postsurgery complication from that injury that ultimately led to death or euthanization.

To ensure accuracy, every fatality has been confirmed with a published source since the Memorial’s inception; the policy to cite our sources on the Memorial was launched on 3/14/2014, starting with Raya Star (IRE). Confirmation is strictly enforced to maintain the integrity of this content.