Wandshara (FR)

Tribute to Taggie

Male mackerel tabby
July 4, 2002 ~ March 4, 2015
Beloved pet and fellow traveler
who sweetened this life ...

Beloved Taggie, you will never be forgotten, nor will I replace you with another.
Once is enough to make the tough decision we faced together, which came with heavy responsibility and regret. The day before, I asked for a sign from you that the time had come to end the suffering. You gave that sign clearly ... and another one, too, letting me know you had leaped across the bridge. Thank you, and to God, for this sacred sign I'll cherish in my heart forever.

You will always be a part of the Memorial for the horses. After all, you were with me for 13 years (since 6 weeks old) through all our travels, thick and thin. You were my "muse" and constant companion ... at my side, often with your head on the laptop keyboard, while building this Memorial over the last 10 years. You taught me so much about you, me, life, and death. There will never be another you.

Rest in peace and be free!
I will miss you, until that day
when I come for you again ...