Wandshara (FR)


How Many Visits Since 2005?

We have no way of knowing how many people link directly to the Memorial spreadsheets, as there is no way to embed a counter into GoogleDocs sheets, but we suspect the numbers are substantial compared to visits to the landing page/blog. Thank you for visiting!


Oldest Horses on the Memorial

Tigger Too
UPDATED 11/9/2017 — Fifteen-year-old Big Fella Thanks (GB) has been added to Oldest Horses on the Memorial list. Often starting as young as 2 years old, many horses race for their entire lives, for many years, then die in action without the chance for retirement. More>>


Legal Tendora Joins Most-Starts List

9/24/2017 — On 9/21/2017 the enduring 11-year-old gelding, Legal Tendora, was fatally injured. He joins the Memorial and our list of horses with the most career starts. More>>


A Historical Document for the Horses

Mesopotamian Chariot Horse
Updated 9/4/2017 — Since before recorded history, and later depicted in cave drawings and literatures of ancient civilizations, the horse has been here. Across India, the Middle East, the kingdoms of Europe, and the New World, Equus has served in the hunt, wars, farming and ranching, transportation, processions, and sports competitions. More>>


Tell Tale Friend

UPDATED 6/12/2017, first published 5/11/2016 — His name conjures a certain truth: When the racehorses leave us, they leave traces of themselves in the memories of those who are unable to witness a catastrophic injury or death and then forget about it in the next race like it never happened. More>>


Red Cadeaux (GB)
Photo: monkeywing

Visitor Base Increasing for the Horses

4/25/2017 — Compared to other web projects, the Memorial receives a small number of visitors. But, according to Blogger’s analytics, that number is steadily climbing, and we welcome you. More>>


Note to Citizen Reporters

4/6/2017 — Caring individuals from around the world have suggested horses, helping to build the Memorial by providing well-sourced information. Because the Memorial is based in California, with full access especially to the California and New York racing data, we cover that “beat” of reporting. More>>


Readership in Russia

2/18/2017 — We would like to acknowledge an increasing base of Russian visitors to the Memorial, along with many in the UK. Also, whereas France seemed silent in the past, we are seeing a steady flow of French visitors over the last few months. Welcome to all, and thank you for visiting the racehorses.


Editorial: View from the Wall

1/2/2017 — Looking out from the Memorial Wall, as far as the eye can see, looms a continual inflow of racehorse fatalities to post. More>>