Wandshara (FR)

Del Mar Deaths


We note that the two horses on 11/27/2016 were not named in CHRB minutes dated 11/23/2016 to 11/27/2016. Instead, the horses appear only as numbers, like this:

Veterinarian Report, Week of 11/21-11/27/2016
Horses on Vet List: 3
Horses off Vet List: 4
Shock Wave Therapy: 16
Fatalities at Del Mar: 2
Medication: 0

No mention of the horses’ names let alone injuries. Well, no one can say Del Mar didn’t report the fatalities this time, right? The Memorial respects tracks who name the equine athletes who have fallen in service to the industry those tracks and officials represent and who benefit from the horses’ work.

Citizen reporter Louisville, KY, looked deeper and brought the horses to us so they could be properly remembered for who they were and what they gave. Memorial >>