Wandshara (FR)

A Historical Document for the Horses


Consider the Olympic Games in Greece, from 700 to 40 BC; chariot races during the Roman Empire; racing in medieval Europe, Early America, and globally throughout the centuries; and the gaming industry’s “racinos” today.

The equine contribution and sacrifice over time is immeasurable. Racehorses are only part of the history. But they continue to work in vast numbers and deserve to be remembered.

Currently, the Memorial recounts the fallen racehorses’ history from 1800 to the present. Should we discover documented Thoroughbred racing fatalities prior to 1800, we will add those horses as well. Let all the horses now listed represent those who are not, as our research continues.

Horseracings popularity and attendance have diminished since the turn of the 21st century. Surely, increased awareness in the collective consciousness concerning fallen racehorses is a contributing factor. The reality of on-track fatalities is a dilemma and tragedy that we wish did not exist. But because it does, we commit to naming, rather than ignoring, the fallen ... and to remembering their final effort in life.

When the time comes that we are unable to continue the Memorial, we plan to hand it to a responsible person or organization who would preserve and/or add to this historical document for the horses.