Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

“Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial”
Royal South (IRE)
added 12/3/2019


Today, the filly Pramedya, owned by the late-great Barbaro’s owners, broke down fatally at Pimlico on the 10th anniversary of Barbaro’s own breakdown in the Preakness on the same track. She even broke through the starting gate before the start, like Barbaro did.

On the same race card with Pramedya, the gelding Homeboykris won his race, only to collapse and die walking back to the test barn.

This Memorial sees such “coincidences” frequently, constantly reminded of the irony and tragedy.

We can continue playing the game of horseracing but must do so consciously. We cannot toy with the risks involved, then turn around and unconsciously pretend the carnage will end.

Please join us in upholding the dignity of the world’s Thoroughbred athletes, who never deserved to perish in droves and in such an undignified, shocking spectacle in view of all.

Remember the horses for the great gift they are.