Wandshara (FR)

The Valiant Magic d’Oro

The beloved 6-year-old horse Magic d’Oro must be recognized, along with condolences to his team, for he has left us—but not without leaving an impression, even on us who had never heard of him until today.

So obscure was the news in Google search results about the fatal race on June 1, 2016, that we could easily have missed him, if not for stumbling across his story today.

We could write a treatise on the whole phenomenon that has led to this moment of loss. And there is much to say about Magic d’Oro. But another writer, George Williams, in an article for Winnepeg Free Press, has written a fitting tribute—one of the most sensitive we’ve ever read:

Assiniboia Downs Loses a Champion

And so we add our farewell to Magic d’Oro—a shining example of a valiant racehorse.