Wandshara (FR), 4/20/2004-6/24/2007

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“Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial”
“Oldest Horses on the Memorial”


Welcome to the Memorial

Thousands of Thoroughbreds are honored here as fallen athletes in the extreme sport of horseracing. Let the named represent the unnamed, who slipped through unnoticed and soon forgotten, for in the lowest to the highest ranks they gave their all.

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Thousands are listed yet in no way reflect the true death toll. If you know of a horse we have missed, please let us know. Thanks for visiting and helping us build this Memorial for the horses.

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Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial

Kingarvie, 169 starts
UPDATED 7/12/2019 — Every horse gives the maximum effort, and some achieve an incredible number of starts. Today we added the horses below who achieved 80 or more starts, while Kingarvie still reigns as king of starts at 169. More>>

Beyondtemptation (GB)
Da Big Dawg
Electric Alphabet
Great Addiction (CAN)
Stormy Surge
Tuscan Fire (AUS)


Oldest Horses on the Memorial

Tigger Too, age 17
UPDATED 7/11/2019 — We honor the older horses who race for most of their lives (sometimes starting at 2 years old) then die in action without the chance for retirement. Today we added the horses below to Oldest Horses on the Memorial.  More>>

Dylan, 14
Harrison, 13


Transparency vs. Secrecy
about Racehorse Fatalities

UPDATED 7/1/2019 — As of late June 2019, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission now makes racehorse fatality reports public, and we commend the commission for this transparency.

6/10/2019 — Some racing authorities and tracks are open about horseracing deaths. Some aren’t. The latter keep facts confidential to protect the interests, privacy, or competitive advantage of tracks, horse owners, and trainers. More>>


The Latest Scapegoat for Horseracing Woes

6/23/2019 — Because there have been 30 fatalities at Santa Anita since the current meet began on 12/26/2018, with four of the horses trained and/or owned by Jerry Hollendorfer, now Hollendorfer is banned from Santa Anita and all other Stronach Group tracks. More>>