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Thousands of Thoroughbreds are honored here as fallen athletes in the extreme sport of horseracing. May the named also represent the unnamed, who slipped through unnoticed and soon forgotten. Because, in the lowest to the highest ranks, they gave their all.

Memorial Wall Pages:
Memorial: 2014–present
Memorial: 1800–2013
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Oldest Horses on the Memorial
Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial
Unknown Soldiers


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Thousands are listed yet in no way reflect the true death toll. If you know of a horse we have missed, please let us know. Thanks for visiting and helping us build this Memorial for the horses.

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You’re Invited to Suggest a Horse

7/8/2018 — While it appears a handful of visitors regularly suggest horses for the Memorial and that between them and the editor we’re covering all the bases, that’s not true. More>>


How Many Visits Since 2005?

11/7/2017 — We have no way of knowing how many people link directly to the Memorial spreadsheets, as there is no way to embed a counter into GoogleDocs sheets, but we suspect the numbers are substantial compared to visits to the landing page/blog. Thank you for visiting!