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Mission: Join us in honoring Thoroughbreds who have given their lives on tracks around the world. Through ongoing independent research and confirmation, and with the public's help, the Memorial has evolved over 10 years to become an accurate historical reminder of the fallen racehorse's sacrifice.

Criteria: The horses are registered Thoroughbreds confirmed deceased or euthanized due to on-track injury while schooling, training, or racing (including pre-race or post-race incident), or due to medical or post-surgery complication from that injury, which ultimately resulted in death or euthanization.


Letting go ...

Today I struggle within myself over deciding to put my ill cat out of his suffering sometime this week. And I think of similar decisions being made out there continuously in the horseracing world.

Taggie at age 7 (now 12)

I've dreaded this day and now it's near, feeling worse than I imagined. To let go of an innocent living being, and having the power to decide his fate, is terrible. I never want to be in this position again and, therefore, will not replace him with another.

We've been each other's faithful companion for 12 years through thick and thin, the one "constant" in our unstable nomadic life. For him I am eternally grateful. My heart goes out to anyone facing this situation. May our pets cross over peacefully and find rest at last. ~Connie


We'll go on remembering the racehorses while dreaming of the day when on-track fatalities cease and this Memorial is no longer needed. But we see no such end as long as the "extreme sport" of horseracing continues.


Vanguard of the Memorial

Several horses have come to represent key categories that emerge from the Memorial, as countless racehorses follow in their steps. These horses have strongly influenced the creation of this Memorial and continue to inspire it. Visit >


Unknown soldier

The descriptor "unknown soldier" is used on the Memorial when a source does not mention the horse's name for whatever reason.


Memorial has two pages

There are two Memorial pages: year 2014 and years 1800-2013 (see tabs on Memorial). Both pages are active.


Confirming and citing fatalities

Every horse on the Memorial is confirmed with a reliable source, cited in the "Notes and sources" column. Only horses that can be confirmed are posted.