Wandshara (FR) (2004-2007)

~ UPDATED 6/20/2020 ~
Added gelding Too Fast to Pass to
Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial


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Thousands of Thoroughbred racehorses are named on the Memorial
yet the majority of the fallen still slip through unnoticed and forgotten.
All deserve to be remembered regardless of rank or achievement,
because every horse gave the maximum effort.

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Oldest Horses on the Memorial

Fate’s Secret, age 24 (1992-2016)
UPDATED 6/16/2020 — We honor the older Thoroughbreds who perform for most of their lives (often starting at 2), showing great courage and endurance throughout their long careers before dying in action without the chance for retirement. To date, Fate’s Secret, 24, is the Memorial’s oldest horse. See the horses >>


Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial

Kingarvie (CAN), 169 starts (1943-1955)
UPDATED 6/20/2020 — Despite the inherent dangers of horseracing, some Thoroughbreds go on to achieve an incredible 80 or more starts before they meet their fate at the track. On the Memorial, Queen’s Plate winner Kingarvie still reigns as king of starts with 169. See the horses >>