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About the Horses
Please join us in honoring Thoroughbreds who have given their lives on tracks around the world
throughout horseracing history. Through independent research and visitor submissions,
thousands of horses are listed, yet the Memorial only scratches the surface of the true death toll.

Each horse is a registered Thoroughbred who suffered an injury on the track in training, racing,
a prerace or postrace incident on race day, or a medical or postsurgery complication from the injury
that led to death or euthanization. Every fatality is confirmed with a published source.

Visitors are welcome to submit a horse to the Memorial:
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Remember the racehorses

Soldiers fall victim 
to the casualties of war,
and so do the racehorses. 
They battle to the finish line,
but some are wounded 
and some do not return.
For this reason . . .
remember the racehorses.


Racehorse Memorial structure

When you click through the wreath above to the Memorial,
you will find these spreadsheets:
  • Memorial: 2014–present
  • Memorial: 1800–2013
  • Abbreviations
  • Racetrack abbreviations
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Racehorses unknown but not forgotten

We use unknown soldier on the Memorial when a source reports a racehorse fatality
but does not disclose the horse's name for whatever reason.


There is a touch of divinity even in brutes, and a special halo about a horse
that should forever exempt him from indignities.

~Herman Melville