Mission: Join us in honoring Thoroughbreds who have given their all, to the death, on tracks around the world. With the public's help the Memorial has evolved over nine years to become an organic document of equine history and a symbol for the fallen racehorse. No longer will these horses be forgotten.

Criteria: The horses are registered Thoroughbreds confirmed deceased or euthanized due to on-track injury at racetrack or training facility (in schooling, training, racing, or pre-/post-race incident) or from medical or post-surgery complication from that same injury, ultimately resulting in death or euthanization.


Aqueduct incident

While I did not see the chain-reaction spill at Aqueduct on Friday, December 5, that took two horses' lives, I can only imagine the tragedy. Rarely will I comment, because who needs me to reiterate what you already know is horrific? But I do extend condolences to those who lost Quick Money and Half Nelson yesterday, and remember these horses and all who came before, for the terrible end they had to suffer on the track.


E Q U U S  speaks through the daily work of racehorses, bringing awareness to their plight. Is anyone listening? Nothing we can say will make their reality more dramatic or real for you. We simply offer a Memorial and let the horses tell their own story.


Honoring international horses

We work hard to honor as many fallen racehorses as possible from around the world. You can add a horse to the Memorial via the "Bring Horses to the Memorial" link above. Your submission is handled offline and is 100% private and confidential; no personal data is required. If the horse meets the Memorial's criteria (see above), we will post. Thank you for caring about the racehorses.


FAQ updated

See "FAQ" tab on the Memorial.


Vanguard of the Memorial

Several horses have come to represent key categories that emerge from the Memorial, as countless racehorses follow in their steps. These horses have strongly influenced the creation of this Memorial and continue to inspire it. Vanguard >


Unknown soldier

The descriptor "unknown soldier" is used on the Memorial when a source does not mention the horse's name for whatever reason.


Memorial has two pages

There are two Memorial pages: year 2014 and years 1800-2013 (see tabs on Memorial). Both pages are active.


Confirming and citing fatalities

Every horse on the Memorial is confirmed with a reliable source, cited in the "Notes and sources" column. Only horses that can be confirmed are posted.