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Mission: Join us in honoring Thoroughbreds who have given their lives on tracks around the world. Through ongoing independent research and confirmation, and with the public's help, the Memorial has evolved over 10 years to become an accurate historical reminder of the fallen racehorse's sacrifice.

Criteria: The horses are registered Thoroughbreds confirmed deceased or euthanized due to on-track injury while schooling, training, or racing (including race-day pre-race or post-race incident), or due to medical or post-surgery complication from that injury, which ultimately resulted in death or euthanization.


NEW: Sire column added to Memorial

Starting today, we will include the Memorial horse's sire, who is part of the racehorse's identity and history. (For space reasons, we won't include the dam.) We will back-fill the sire names on both pages of the Memorial as time permits.

Farewell, Duke, fallen chuckwagon racer
at Calvary Stampede

As a first for this Memorial, we have posted a horse who perished in a chuckwagon race during the Calvary Stampede. Duke was a 10-year-old former racehorse. He meets the criteria for this Memorial in that he was a Thoroughbred injured in action on the track (some details about him are missing). Rest in peace, Duke.


Remember the racehorses

Just as soldiers fall victim to the casualties of war, so do racehorses. The Memorial holds those who perish in action at the track while preparing for or engaging in a battle to cross the finish line, win or lose. Many warriors are wounded or die on the field. For this reason, remember the racehorses.
Photo: Dark Mirage


Farewell, Kauto Star

The retired champion chaser Kauto Star (FR) has been put down at age 15, following a paddock accident on June 24, 2015, in which he stumbled, suffering a fatal fall. He had injured his neck, spinal cord, and pelvis, and was in pain, so the decision was made to do the most humane thing for him. Condolences to his connections and fans for the loss. Rest in peace, to the brilliant and beloved Kauto Star. Photo credit ...


The Racehorse Memorial defined

Today I want to describe the Memorial to you because it is receiving an influx of new visitors. This upsurge may be due to American Pharoah's Triple Crown infusing the sport with excitement. Whatever the case, the Memorial salutes every horse who is asked to give his or her life to the Sport of Kings. Continued ...


Scratching the surface of racehorse fatalities

As of today, there are 3,646 horses on the Memorial. Each and every horse listed died from an on-track incident, with that incident confirmed by me, the editor. Visitors who submit a horse for consideration must provide the source for that information, and then I reconfirm that death and fill in additional facts. Still, with all the independent research and public support, the Memorial only scratches the surface of a much deeper problem than anyone knows. Continued ...


Glory for American Pharoah,
Death for Helwan

Congratulations to American Pharoah, a bay 3-year-old colt and model of consistency for his connections. Especially, congratulations to Bob Baffert who, through thick and thin, has gone on to cap his career with a history-making Triple Crown, thanks to the dream horse in his care. Continued ...


Vanguard of the Memorial: Racehorses who inspired us

Several horses have come to represent certain categories emerging from the Memorial, as countless racehorses follow in their steps. Here are the horses who have strongly influenced the creation of this Memorial and continue to inspire this work.
Continued ...


Unknown soldier: Racehorses hidden but not forgotten

The descriptor "unknown soldier" is used on the Memorial when a source does not mention the horse's name for whatever reason.


The Racehorse Memorial has two active pages

Check both pages for updates:
Memorial: 1800 to 2013
Memorial: 2014 to the present


Confirming and citing racehorse fatalities

The death of every horse on the Memorial is confirmed. In 2014 we started citing our sources in the Memorial's "Notes and sources" column. Only horses who can be confirmed are posted, in order to maintain the integrity of this content.