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Mission: We recognize Thoroughbreds who have given their all, to the death, on tracks around the world. With the public's help the Memorial has evolved over nine years to become an organic document of equine history and a symbol for the fallen racehorse. No longer will these horses be forgotten.

Criteria: The horses are registered Thoroughbreds confirmed deceased or euthanized due to on-track injury at racetrack or training facility (in schooling, training, racing, or pre-/post-race incident) or from medical or post-surgery complication from that same injury, ultimately resulting in death or euthanization.


Honoring international horses

Help us honor racehorses in your country by using the "Suggest horses privately for the Memorial" link above. Data for track fatalities can be difficult to find, especially for tracks outside the main racing nations, so your help is needed and appreciated. Thank you.


EQUUS speaks through the daily work of racehorses, bringing awareness to their plight. Is anyone listening? Nothing we can say will make their reality more dramatic or real for you. We simply offer a Memorial and let the horses tell their own story.


Galley Slave joins the vanguard

We honor the courageous and enduring Irish racehorse Galley Slave, horse 5 of 7 in the vanguard of this Memorial. Read more ...


Charles Town track fatalities

UPDATED: On the "Memorial: Years 1800-2013" sheet, we've recently posted many Charles Town track fatalities, based on that track's own data obtained by one of our visitors. The number of fatalities at this one track provides a more realistic view of the true death toll on tracks worldwide. Remember, many deaths remain undisclosed. Unless the public sees an on-track breakdown, inquires about a horse, or official sources report on it, the horse may simply slip away unnoticed. Many horses finish their race injured or are injured past the wire or during morning workouts or are diagnosed and euthanized later, after the public's gone home and the horse is forgotten.


Vanguard of the Memorial

10/9/2014: Galley Slave (IRE) has joined the vanguard.

8/11/2014: The following three horses, who are posted on the Memorial, will complete the vanguard. I'll post their stories soon.

1. Galley Slave (IRE) (2005-2014)
2. Kingarvie (1943-1955)
3. "unknown soldier"

7/11/2014: Certain horses have come to represent key categories that emerge from the Memorial, as countless racehorses follow in their steps. Currently, four horses are listed, who strongly influenced the creation of this Memorial. I will be adding three more, for a total of seven horses serving as the representatives for all their racing brethren, because all racehorses fit within these categories for the work they have done, and they should be recognized. Please remember ...


Kingarvie: 169 starts

Today we posted Kingarvie on the Memorial, who suffered fatal injuries during training at Gulfstream in 1955 at age 12. This Canadian Hall of Fame multiple-stakes winner had the most starts of any horse on this Memorial since we have been tracking this statistic. (Please let us know if you have knowledge of a horse on Memorial with more than 169 starts.) His race record:
Starts 169, firsts 30, seconds 21, thirds 27


Unknown soldier

An unnamed horse whose age, gender, and record we do not know has been posted on the Memorial today with the designation of "unknown soldier." This designation is given to the valiant horse who has lost his or her life in racing or training but was as yet unnamed by the owner, or the name was not disclosed to the public. Often, unnamed horses are 2-year-olds just getting started in trackwork. Whatever the case, may this unknown soldier rest in peace.


Memorial comprises two pages

See tabs at top of Memorial, one for current year, 2014, and one for years 1800-2013. I continue to add horses to both pages. You will also find tabs for the abbreviations used on the Memorial, as well as the FAQ page.


Confirming and citing fatalities

We've always confirmed fatalities before posting. But, going forward, we will cite the source on the Memorial, in the "Notes and sources" column. Read more ...