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Mission: Join us in honoring Thoroughbreds who have given their lives on tracks around the world. With the public's help the Memorial has evolved over 10 years to become an organic document of equine history and a symbol for the fallen racehorse. No longer will these horses be forgotten.

Criteria: The horses are registered Thoroughbreds confirmed deceased or euthanized due to on-track injury while schooling, training, or racing (including pre-race or post-race incident), or due to medical or post-surgery complication, from same injury, that ultimately resulted in death or euthanization.

There is a touch of divinity even in brutes, and a special halo about a horse
that should forever exempt him from indignities.
~Herman Melville


Futile attempts

For the Memorial’s 10 years we’ve watched many attempts by the horseracing industry to make racing safer for the horses, as the death toll continues. The sport is dangerous, the horse is vulnerable, and fatalities will occur. Period. We’re not deluded to think that racing can be safe. The remedy is to stop racing. Otherwise, let it continue while tracks dwindle and field sizes shrink until finally the whole game fades to black. Meanwhile, we’ll continue the Memorial ... for as long as we can.


Respect to NYS Gaming Commission

We've said it before and we say it again: NYS Gaming Commission is to be commended for daring to publicly document all equine injuries and fatalities occurring on New York tracks, basically taking the heat when most other jurisdictions do not. Because the Commission maintains an accurate and transparent database, the horses on this Memorial are heavily weighted toward New York track incidents. It's our opinion that the situation in New York is likely the same everywhere. We also believe other tracks in other jurisdictions, or globally for that matter, should follow the example of NYS Gaming Commission and have the courage to tell the truth about racehorse injuries and fatalities. NYS Gaming Commission >


Honoring the horses in 2015

Dear Visitors,
We will go on remembering the racehorses in the new year, while dreaming of the day when on-track fatalities cease and this Memorial is no longer needed. But we see no such end as long as the "extreme sport" of horseracing continues.

Equine athletes deserve honor and respect for what they contribute to our lives. Yet too many are dying, overlooked and unreported. Let the ones we have found represent the countless others who remain hidden. This Memorial would not be as thorough as it is today without the help of visitors who have suggested horses to us over the past 10 years. Our thanks go to them and visitors worldwide for caring about the racehorses.
Bless you all in 2015!


Vanguard of the Memorial

Several horses have come to represent key categories that emerge from the Memorial, as countless racehorses follow in their steps. These horses have strongly influenced the creation of this Memorial and continue to inspire it. Visit >


Unknown soldier

The descriptor "unknown soldier" is used on the Memorial when a source does not mention the horse's name for whatever reason.


Memorial has two pages

There are two Memorial pages: year 2014 and years 1800-2013 (see tabs on Memorial). Both pages are active.


Confirming and citing fatalities

Every horse on the Memorial is confirmed with a reliable source, cited in the "Notes and sources" column. Only horses that can be confirmed are posted.