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Welcome to the Memorial

On the Memorial you will find thousands of fallen Thoroughbreds honored for their hard work as athletes in the extreme sport of horseracing. Throughout history, racehorses have captivated the crowds with their power and beauty on tracks around the world. Now memorialized, they represent their own life and valiant effort but also that of their brethren who slipped through unnoticed, unheralded, and soon forgotten. But, from the lowest ranks to the highest echelons they all share one thing in common, having perished in service to the Sport of Kings.

Memorial Wall Pages:
Memorial: 2014–present
Memorial: 1800–2013
Racetrack Abbreviations and Locations

Oldest Horses on the Memorial
Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial
Unknown Soldiers


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Thousands are listed yet the Memorial only scratches the surface of the true death toll. If we have missed a horse, please let us know. We’re forever grateful to the many citizen reporters who have helped us build this Memorial for the horses.

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You’ll find stories in the right column, and we’ll add more from time to time. However, most of our time is spent researching and editing information for the Memorial.

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New Codes on Memorial Wall

5/27/2018—We’ve added new codes to the Memorial Wall sheets that clarify specific data for you:
  • “Date” column: grey type = approximate date
  • “Horses” column: dark grey = latest post; light grey = recent post; unknown soldier = horse’s name and details unknown
  • “Events” column: stacked grey rows = multiple horses fatally injured in same race or training on same morning. Seeing multi-horse incidents at a glance may be helpful for understanding safety or other issues at a specific track and/or the dangers associated with horses working in company.
(The legend for these codes appears at top of Memorial Wall sheets as well.)

Fixed Broken Link to Oldest Horses

5/26/2018—We fixed the broken link to “Oldest Horses on the Memorial” located above, under “Welcome to the Memorial.”