Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

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“A New Way Fallen Racehorses Are
Hidden from the Public”


The 2016 Scottish Grand National

4/29/2016 — We don’t have to be watching from the sidelines in person to understand that a race like this can’t be fun for anyone (or can it?), least of all the horses. During the chase where less than half the horses finished, Golden Chieftain broke down. More>>


Hidden Racehorse Fatalities

4/20/2016 — Many times we have reminded that this Memorial (or any other) only scratches the surface of the true death toll. For example, the 8-year-old gelding Brassy Pete (see Memorial) was the 11th horse this season to suffer a fatal injury in racing at Turf Paradise, said the track’s general manager Vince Francia (The Arizona Republic/azcentral, 4/18/2016)—leaving us to ask: Who are the other 10?


Finally Free

4/11/2016 — Death is the great leveler. And horses, like humans, must leave the body. They must go where championships, rankings, and earnings no longer matter. At last, they are just horses. But they forever remain in our memories for who they were and what they gave. Now they belong to the cosmos, and always did. Now they are finally free. In Memoriam >>