Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

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“A New Way Fallen Racehorses Are
Hidden from the Public”


CHRB Weighs In on Whipping Rule

5/29/2016 — Since July 1, 2015, California jockeys could only whip a horse three times in succession, limited to the stretch run and only during the race’s last 16th of a mile. This is when horses tire, give way and/or, according to what this Memorial has observed, frequently break down. More>>



5/21/2016 — Hardly anything in the universe happens by accident, but occurs through direct intention or neglect, by the choices we make. And life reminds us of this in obvious and uncanny ways. More>>


Remember Holocauste (FR)

Holocauste (FR)
Soldiers fall as casualties of war,
and so do the racehorses.
On the turf's battlefield,
some are wounded and
some do not return.
For this reason, remember
the racehorses.