Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

“Most Starts for Horses on the Memorial”
Royal South (IRE)
added 12/3/2019


The Valiant Magic d’Oro

6/19/2016 — We can’t write about every horse on the Memorial, even knowing that each and every one is a book unto himself or herself, worthy to be written. But sometimes we are moved to officially say goodbye. More>>


When the Fight Feels Futile

6/11/2016 — After researching fatalities for 11 years, some days it seems only the Divine could ever undo this complex web the horses are caught in. More>>


Standardbred Harness-Horse Fatalities

6/7/2016 — While this Memorial is focused on Thoroughbred racehorses, we can’t help but notice what appears to be an increase in reported Standardbred fatalities on East Coast tracks. More>>


Why No End to Track Fatalities?

6/3/2016 — The Internet was flooded with stories about two racehorse fatalities at Pimlico (May 21, 2016). Attention is drawn to such high-profile races as the Preakness, and people act shocked that two horses perished on the same race card. But many racehorses have died in action since then. More>>