Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

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“A New Way Fallen Racehorses Are
Hidden from the Public”


Gratitude for the Horses

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Photo: CTBA
7/26/2016 — In all these years of documenting fatalities, I never really publicly expressed my gratitude for the gift of horses in this world. And so I say thank you to them for their service, not just for their “utility” but for who they are and what they mean to this life. Join me in thanking the horses... ~Editor


Undisclosed Fatalities in Official Reports

7/22/2016 — Official race reports are inconsistent in how they disclose racehorse injuries and fatalities. For example, California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) stewards’ minutes may or may not report certain on-track incidents publicly. More>>


Racehorse Trainer Takes Her Life

7/21/2016 — We are sorry to hear that Monique Snowden, trainer of fallen racehorse The Chilli Man, committed suicide on Sunday evening, July 17, 2016, reportedly distraught over the 2-year-old gelding’s death. More>>