Wandshara (FR), 2004-2007

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“A New Way Fallen Racehorses Are
Hidden from the Public”


New-Year Message for All Sentient Beings

12/23/2016 — The song echoes our thoughts about the state of the world at this time. Let its call be our theme for 2017, our soundtrack for the future. At the end of the day we are all connected, and how we treat others, our children, and animals truly matters. Listen, ponder the words, and look within...


Del Mar Deaths

12/4/2016 — Four fatal breakdowns in racing occurred on the Del Mar track in one week:
2 on 11/27/2016, 1 on 12/1/2016, and 1 on 12/3/2016. More>>


1920s Colts, Scapa Flow and Dice

Photo: © Keeneland-Cook, via The Vault
12/3/2016 — Scapa Flow (Man o’ War) and the undefeated Dice now grace the Memorial (see page for 1800 through 2013), both Eclipse Award Champion 2 Year Olds, in 1926 and 1927, respectively. Thank you, citizen reporter Columbus, GA, for suggesting these two colts who died so early in their careers.